Saturday, October 21, 2006

If you see this guy riding toward you run! Or better yet stop. Maybe you are about to do something really dumb.

Finally a little free time... just a little. I have weeks of yard work to catch up on and the leaves just keep piling higher. Next year I am going to cut the trees down. It will be a lot less work. : )

I just finished off 60 illustrations (most of them double page spreads) and it nearly killed me. It was one of the few times in my career that I actually blew a lot of the deadlines set by the art director. I did manage to finish up the entire project within the set date, but I blew just about every other deadline in between. Luckily they were very understanding and in the end we were all happy. I just hope it never happens again. Feeling like you are constantly behind is too stressful!

I have been sitting on some good news. This coming March I am have a one man show at the Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seatle. If you are in the area please come by and say hello. My wife and I are both planning on attending. I plan on eating a lot of seafood and soaking in the cool factor.

Oh, and if you have any ideas for paintings send them along!


√Āgreda said...

This one is terrific. Love the mood, and the characters.

tngregory said...

ideas for paintings? certainly! i've finally got a proper job so do another series of devils drinking coffee and heck i might even be able to afford one this time!

or perhaps a series of your take on 80's pop stars! id love to see a chris lensch take on the pet shop boys.

hope all is well!

Chrissie A said...

Beautiful stuff on your blog, Chris! I really love your unique style--very inspiring.

--Greetings from down here in Lansing to you up there in TC :)

Uloo said...

Who knew the Reaper could be so fun and so fearsome? Splendid.

Your recent job sounds harrowing but I do congratulate you on its completion.

Keep us posted on the BB show in March. I've long wanted to see your paintings in person and Portland's only a few hours away from Seattle, you know.

-C said...

Chris, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I loved the illustrations you did for the books on manners. I kept telling my editor that they were spectacular. You really made the kids look hip and cool.

-Carrie Finn

Greg said...

I love the style of your characters. They're a lot of fun!


black fryday said...

hi dude! nice illustration u have there ^_^